Qi-Gong, a good way for longevity

Architect Yeung
3 min readDec 31, 2023

Qi-Gong is also known is ‘Chi Kung’, and is an exercise system which focuses on the cultivation of Qi. Its roots in ancient Chinese culture date back more than 4,000 years ago. Most often, practitioners use Qi Gong to remedy illness, promote health and longevity, and increase internal strength for martial purposes.

A Universally understood concept: “Use it or lose it”

It is said that a healthy body has ample and free flowing “Qi” with the appropriate amount and quality of Qi (i.e. the internal energy flow) at each part of the body and each organ. It is thought that Qi is the energy flowing throughout the Universe.

It is thought that when Qi is abundant and flowing smoothly the body is healthy and strong. Qi-gong is an exercise to help accumulate Qi (energy) and cause the energy to flow smoothly around the body. The following diagram explains the meaning of Qi and Gong and their co-relation.

QI and GONG Relationship

Traditional Chinese texts have described Qi and the ways to manipulate it to improve health and strengthen the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM describes Qi-Gong as an internal practice of physical exercise and mental meditation techniques to manipulate Qi. But they usually practice external methods for added benefits also. The external methods are herbal and medicinal methods and body manipulation along the channels in a variety of ways, such as moxibustion, cupping, massage, acupressure, and acupuncture.

Qi Gong is like Medicine

Qi-Gong Methods

There are many different techniques of Qi-Gong. Some are as simple as controlling breathing and meditation or doing small repetitive motions with the body. Other types of Qi-Gong are suitable for martial arts exercise. You might see martial artists practicing in the public parks some kinds of Qi-Gong that are the intricate and fast martial arts routines. Some routines are appropriate for martial artists, and some are more appropriate just for improving health.


Practical Benefits

Qi-Gong and Tai Chi practitioners generally say that the exercises calm them and help them to feel better and “more energised”. They say that they feel more energetic after a period of exercise than before they started.

The rhythmic motions tone the muscles and might help people improve balance and stamina. People learn how to control their limbs and body better, and the crouching stances in many of the more physical styles help to develop stronger legs. These can keep our body in a healthy status internally and physically.

It may surprise you, but Qi-Gong routines are thought to not only improve health and cure diseases, but to extend the life span.

The movements in Qi-Gong can be very slow. Students raise their arms over their heads, rotate their wrists, lower their arms and then make circular motions with their hands. As soon as you get into it, the Qi begins to flow.

Emotions are also calmed, and people tend to live happier.

To achieve health & wellbeing, one cannot rely on medical treatment or medicine alone. The lifestyle, or way of life impacts on the level of health and wellbeing one can enjoy. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is the key to avoiding preventable illness. Longevity depends on three major things:




Simply put, Qi-Qong helps you achieve health & wellbeing in areas of Exercise and Mentality. That results in increasing the longevity and quality of your life.